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Cancellation policy:
Prepayment charge is 15%, fully refundable 24 hours before start of rental.

Iceland rental cars are expensive

It is simply not in everyone's budget to hire a car in Iceland during their holiday. Rental cars in Iceland are expensive and, until recently, many travelers looked for alternative transport.

Cheap rental cars

With Cheap Rental Cars you can hire a car in Iceland that is older then the regular car rentals offer but much cheaper. The companies offering these kind of rental cars specialize in offering old and well maintained cars at a much lower prices.

How old are the rental cars?

Most of the rental cars offered are from 8-12 years old. Before you choose your rental car we indicate the year model of the car. The general rule is: older cars are cheaper!

Is it risky?

In Iceland the average private car is around 10 years old. The rental cars offered at Cheap Rental Cars are therefore similar models. The rentals keep their cars well maintained and follow strict precidures to insure their client's safety.

What happens if the car breaks down?

Our partners have services around Iceland and they all have a 24/7 car hire emergency number. In case of breakdown, a new rental car will be provided.